We Don't Need No Education

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Burger King is selling hamburgers for less than a cent. What a deal!

McDonald's is just keeping up with the competition.

How can they afford to sell cookies for less than a half of a cent?

Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, MO.

You can get the Raleigh, NC daily paper for a half cent! (Or CAN you?)

Workin' at the car wash...

Dairy Queen, Parkwood Mall, is trying to sell hot dogs for less than a penny.
Wilson, NC

MY the boss?

If the other guys can do it, they can too!
Stantonsburg, NC.

The most expensive cotton candy I have ever seen! It must be spun of gold!

Walmart charged me 100 times the advertised price for this product. Letters to the home office were not answered.

Why won't they take checks from their own personnel?

Would you feel GOOD about doing business with this company?

Here, you get your hair cut by brain surgeons.

Why is Sierra Mist 89 times as expensive as Hawaiian Punch or Pepsi?
In Wilson, NC

... and illiterates built the signs. Indianapolis, IN

Maybe they need BIGGER letters? Indianapolis, IN

Kroger offered coupons for a half cent off Star magazine. When I asked the cashier, she said that coupon was worth fifty cents. By that logic, then, my $1.00 coupon should be worth $100.00, shouldn't it?

Walgreens was selling bags of ice for less than a cent. Almost a full penny off if you spend a nickel!

This sign was constructed by Curley of the Three Stooges. Soitanny!

And if we was rich, we wouldn't need this here English language.
Well let's conjugate this verb:
I was
You were
He, she, it was
We were
You were
They were

Try a WHAT???
Lincoln, Nebraska

How does cooking to order provide insurance for fresh product? And WHO is their insurance company?
At a rest area on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Eating out is getting to be very expensive!

25 foot vertical drop, huh? Well I guess that's more dangerous than a 25 foot HORIZONTAL drop!
The Big Papio Trail, Omaha, Nebraska

$501? Well, it's still cheaper than Godfather's $599 lunch buffet!

Your car will what???

They should have gotten one of their college students to help them with this sign... or did they already? Buffalo Wild Wings, Manhattan, KS

How do you spell "liquor"?

Our education dollars hard at work.

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