heers and oos

These Cheers and Boos are listed in order of the way I thought of them, and NOT in order of importance. They are numbered, so I can refer to them by number. They are my very own opinions and feelings. You are entitled to disagree, of course. If you do, create your own Cheers and Boos web page <grin>!



Item I am Cheering




It is fun


Free music on the radio

Despite some of the scum-talk, it’s still a bargain


Free television

Another bargain that people take for granted


NTN Trivia

A challenge AND a social outlet


The Simpsons and King of the Hill

Television’s finest entertainment. I LIKE to laugh.


The World Wide Web

All of the opportunities for FREE information


Singers who can REALLY belt out a tune

Like Linda Ronstadt, Barbra Streisand, Martina McBride, Laura Branigan, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion,


Helpful and friendly clerks at government offices

Have you ever been to the DMV in a big city?


Westport and The Plaza

Great for socializing and people-watching


People who register my shareware

It lets me know that people appreciate all of the hard work I am putting into these things


Adult movies, books, and magazines

I would like to protect my freedom of choice


Holidays in the summer

Swimming pool, fresh air, etc, etc, etc


Office Depot

Great prices and selection, and RETURN POLICY


My Chevy Prizm

It’s pretty, gets great gas mileage, rides nice, and is dependable


Branson, Missouri

Shows, inexpensive souvenirs, nice people



Item I am BOOing



With or Without You, or anything else made by U2

Their moaning and whining drives me up a wall


Open bowling prices

I think they are unnecessarily high


Scam spam (e-mail that promises you a way to get rich quick)

They are taking advantage of the fact that they can scam and spam people for free


“Work from Home” and “Lose Weight Now” signs posted illegally (telephone poles, rights-of-way)

Most are scams that are getting free advertising at the expense of the public


People that sit behind an intersection when the light is green, and then enter the intersection to make their left turn AFTER the light turns yellow

They are evidently oblivious to the fact that there are other people on the streets. They should know the rules of the road, and how to make a left turn.


People who run the yellow (and red) lights while you are waiting to make a left turn.

These are “me first” people, who feel that their agenda is more important


ANY type of legislation that empowers the police to STOP YOUR VEHICLE at their whim.

The GESTAPO used to do this in the 40’s. This opens up the system for bribes and corruption.


Seat belt laws

This is such a sensitive subject with me, I have decided to devote an entire web page to it. Just click here.



.08 DWI laws

This doesn’t keep drunk drivers off the road. It just redefines the term “drunk driver”.


Car dealers who promise to pay off your trade, “no matter how much you owe”.

Yeah, they’ll pay off your trade alright. And they’ll add that amount to the principal of your purchase!


Car dealers who promise to give you a minimum of $2,000 for your trade, whether you “push, pull, or tow your car in”.

Another scam. The price you pay for a car differs depending on the value of your trade. That $2000 will be added to your purchase.


Chris Rock

He’s a racist. What’s so funny about him being the first black person on the stage of the music hall without a mop? Does ALL of his humor pertain to his being black and other people being white?


Greedy movie stars

Suzanne Somers destroyed Three’s Company.
Ed O’Neill shut down Married With Children.
Now the cast of Friends wants an outrageous amount of money: $1,000,000 per episode? Screw em!


Attorneys who take advantage of working-class people

Some can, and therefore they do


Getting physically older

Chronologically, I want to keep getting older. There is only one alternative.


Tailgaters on the interstate

They don’t realize how dangerous this is. Keep a TWO-SECOND interval, please!


Left-lane animals

These people think the left lane is made for them to pass everyone up, and you shouldn’t be there if you are doing “only” the speed limit or a little over


Religious zealots who think that everyone should want their kids to pray in public schools

Isn’t that what churches are for?


Girls with tattoos

Why permanently scar up Mother Nature’s work? Given enough time, she’ll take care of those things by herself!


Guys with baseball caps in nightclubs

What ever happened to taking a shower and washing ones hair before going out on the town for an evening?


Telephone companies who are too big to answer your letters, or to deal with their accounts with any degree of competence

Like Southwestern Bell Wireless.


People who put up Garage Sale signs, but don’t take them down afterward

As long as they got what they came for, they don’t need to clean up after themselves, I guess


Macho men.

“It’s okay for me to hit on your girl, but if you so much as speak to mine, I’ll kick your ass!”


Singers who don’t know what to do with strong voices

Mariah Carey and her upper-octave vocal gymnastics, are very irritating


SCREAMING car ads on the radio

They think you won’t pay attention to them if they speak in a normal voice. They’re probably right. It makes me just change the station… QUICKLY.


Bars who allow people to drink and smoke ON the dance floor

I don’t like my nice clothes getting burned and spilled on.


Outrageous prices for concessions

One of the biggest reasons I don’t go to the ball games anymore. Maybe I just don’t make enough money. $4 for a cup of soda? C’mon!


Profanity as a second language

The English language is replete with colorful and descriptive adjectives that contain more than four letters. You CAN get your idea across without sounding like scum.


“It’s like” and “I’m like”

Do Beavis and Butthead REALLY have that much of an influence on our language? Or is this coming only from burnouts?


Busybody moralists

These are people who feel that I should not read adult magazines because they don’t think they are appropriate.


Wacko women who file sexual harassment charges just to get sorely-needed attention

Need I say more?


Telephone solicitors

They call you when it’s convenient for THEM.


The "NO money down, $1024
to start" car sale scam

$1024 to start? Isn't that exactly what a down payment is?


Annoying songs, like the one by
Vertical Horizon, or "Fields of Barley", by Sting

Boring AND monotonous at the same time: Dad, are we there yet... Dad, are we there yet... Dad, are we there yet...


Me, Myself, and Irene

I was offended by the racist "humor", and intellectually insulted by the foul language. This is only the second movie I ever walked out on.


Lennie Kravitz, "American Woman"

How can anyone with such a glaring lack of talent be allowed to record for the public? And who would buy that crap? The Guess Who is probably laughing really hard.


Bad comedians at comedy clubs

They spend 20 minutes telling you what they are like, and what it's like, and then insult your intelligence with out-of-context profanity.

Last modification January 29, 2005